How to Grow Epic Tomatillos

Ever wonder what makes your salsa verde green? Surprise! It's not green tomatoes but instead a delightful fruit called the tomatillo. You can purchase tomatillos at the grocery store (typically located near the peppers), but if you have the space I suggest growing your own. With few pest and disease problems tomatillos are easy to grow organically, prolific … Continue reading How to Grow Epic Tomatillos

DIY Garden Markers – 5 Easy & Inexpensive Ideas

Fall is upon us. The air is crisp, my deciduous are shedding, and my perennials are ready for a long winters nap. It's time to do my annual garden clean up. This includes not only raking leaves and tilling soil, but also ensuring that my plants are properly labeled. Labeling plants is a wonderful way to brighten and add … Continue reading DIY Garden Markers – 5 Easy & Inexpensive Ideas