Spring Awakening

I love Spring! The days are getting longer. The sunshine feels warmer. Everywhere I look I am surrounded by life. It’s a time of newness and rebirth. I feel re-energized and alive being outside. Today, I took some time to appreciate and capture what early Spring looks like in my garden. Enjoy!

Dormant plants awaken.

My yard is filled with bursts of color as blossoms and leaves begin to emerge on dormant trees and shrubs.

Spring blossoms. © Stephanie Gonzalez and neverthyme.com, 2018

Wildlife returns to the yard.

I love that my yard is not only full of herbaceous life this time of year, but also full of wildlife. Activity can be found everywhere from birds foraging for food, to bees pollinating flowers, and ladybugs hunting aphids.

Spring wildlife. © Stephanie Gonzalez and neverthyme.com, 2018

A dreary landscape bursts to life.

I think the saying goes, Spring showers bring May flowers. In the case of California, Winter showers bring late March flowers. Flowers, such as alyssums and violas, have populated themselves from last years relatives.

And freesia and Lenten roses have emerged from the ground.

Spring flowers. © Stephanie Gonzalez and neverthyme.com, 2018

The air smells fresh and fragrant.

Two smells that invoke feelings of early Spring is rain and lilac. I love the fresh smell of my garden after a Spring rain shower. I also love the way the lilacs in the yard softly perfume the air.

Spring smells. © Stephanie Gonzalez and neverthyme.com, 2018

Winter veggies are ready to be harvested and spring seeds planted.

I just harvested a handful of rainbow carrots and some baby romaine from my winter garden beds…

…and planted radish, beet, and more carrots seeds in my Spring garden beds. I am happy to report that the radishes have already germinated.

Meanwhile, my snap peas I sowed before the frost have taken off with the increasing temperature.

Snap peas climbing up trellis

Spring garden veggies. © Stephanie Gonzalez and neverthyme.com, 2018

Well, that about sums up the highlights of early Spring in my garden. What does Spring look like in your garden?

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