Summer Garden Insects

It’s about time I wrote a post about one of my favorite things to photograph in the garden – insects. Yes, flowers are beautiful and vegetables colorful… but insects tend to make a particularly interesting photo. Although they can be hard to photograph, because they are on a micro scale and move, if you get a great shot it’s worth it! Here are some of my favorite shots from this summer. Enjoy!


This was my first year growing corn in the garden. I was discouraged to find that the ants and aphids took a particular liking to my corn silks. Luckily a family of ladybugs hatched shortly after and started patrolling the area.

Ladybug on Cornsilk

Lady bug on corn silk. © Stephanie Gonzalez and, 2017


I have one “hoppy” garden right now. Baby grasshoppers are everywhere! This one looks like he was posing for the photo. 😉


Baby grasshopper. © Stephanie Gonzalez and, 2017

I’ve been finding, for lack of a more technical term, albino grasshoppers all over my yard this year. This one I found hanging out on a picnic bench.


Albino grasshopper. © Stephanie Gonzalez and, 2017

And, this one I found with his back leg caught in a spider web, wet from the sprinklers.

Grasshopper stuck in spider web

Albino grasshopper caught in spider web. © Stephanie Gonzalez and, 2017

Praying Mantis

Fierce and fascinating the praying mantis holds the title as King of beneficial insects (or at least in my book he does).  I found this guy patrolling my pepper plant. I wonder what he is thinking about?

Praying Mantis

Praying mantis on pepper plant. © Stephanie Gonzalez and, 2017

Tomato Horn Worm

Ah yes, the arch nemesis of tomato growers everywhere – the tomato horn worm. Unlike most gardeners, I have a fondness for these beautiful insects. This was my first pet as a kid. My parents let me pick them off our tomato plants and keep them in a jar. I fed them scrap tomato leaves and watched them complete metamorphosis. It was wondrous! When I saw this tomato horn worm in my garden I practically jumped for joy. It means I can keep the tradition alive, and let my son keep him as a pet.

Tomato Horn Worm

Tomato horn worm. © Stephanie Gonzalez and, 2017

Tomato Horn Worm Pet

Tomato horn worm “pet”. © Stephanie Gonzalez and, 2017

Dragon Fly

I love to watch dragon flies in my garden find spots to perch and hunt for food. This guy took a liking to one of my upside down tomato cages.

Dragonfly Perched on Tomato Cage

Dragon fly perched in garden. © Stephanie Gonzalez and, 2017


Bees doing what bees do best – work. Enough said.

Bees doing work.

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